10 Awesome Reasons…




Although every organizer’s style are different there are 10 buds of wise and all knowing reasoning that every Professional Organizer should impart on their client.   If you had any hesitation or doubts as to why you should become more organized, here are 10 very good reasons for you and your health.

10. TIME  One of the biggest complaints we have is the lack of time we seem to have in a day, a week, a month or a year.  If you are living an organized life you will spend less time looking for stuff, trying to make a to do list , cleaning the house or preparing a meal.  These five, ten, or fifteen minutes can and will add up. Spend your time being more productive.

9. PRODUCTIVITY  At work or at home, working harder is not always working smarter.  When you have a schedule, a routine, a procedure, a planned lists and an organized space to execute, you will get more done and while working more efficiently and productively.

8. FOCUS  More time will help you be more productive and more focused on the tasks at hand which will in turn reduce stressed. Bingo Bango…awesome

7BE PREPARED  There is nothing more stressful than being unprepared for life’s little unexpected twists and turns. Being prepared doesn’t mean having stuff and clutter. It means having a plan and having a plan is critical step in being prepared.

6. SAVE MONEY  This reason should probably be at the top of the list because at times there is nothing more stressful  than money.  If you are spending an exorbitant amount of money on groceries or are finding yourself left short at the end of the month when an unexpected financial need comes up then it is time to get organized, time to have a plan, and time to get prepared. Ask yourself, do I really need this? Take stock, what groceries are you throwing away at the end of every week? Scale down and track your spending.

5. APPEAL  I have a number of friends that just cannot function in a cluttered or disorganized space., and by friends I mean me. They will take every moment of their precious time to organized or clear a space before they can function and get tasks done.  There is something to be said for an appealing space.  “A place for everything and everything in its place.” However, if you spend all of your time preparing the space you can’t actually ever function or do anything productive in the space because you’re so exhausted from the preparation. If you keep it organized you don’t have to start over every time.

 4. Positive Influence This may not seem like a strong reason or a stress reducing reason to become more organized but when your family or your co-workers are using similar systems and are not in disorganized chaos it will affect your organized universe as well. Remember, being organized is a learned skill and so lead by example. Think of the impact this will make on your children – remember they do as you do not as you say, no matter how many times you say it.

ACHIEVE GOALS  There is nothing better than the feeling of crossing an item off the To-Do List, completing a project at work or achieving a goal that you have been working on.  When you are inundated with the little things it takes away from the goals you really want to set and work on.

2. HEALTHY  Dust, dirt, and bacteria often go hand in hand with clutter so get rid of it. Another part of being organized is planning so things like creating a balanced meal plan or an exercise regime go along with living a healthy lifestyle.

1. LESS STRESS  So here we are at the # 1 awesome reason to be more organized.  Stress has many contributing factors and when you become more organized you create more time for yourself, your family and the things that you love to do.  You become more focused at the tasks and your productivity increases helping you achieve the goals you have set.  You can save money by having a plan of action and being more prepared; you will be able to tackle those unexpected events that life throws at us.  You will create a positive space for you, your family and your employees or coworkers which will influence them and help them to reduce the stress of disorganization in their lives.  And………This  my friends ….means less stress!

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Happy Organizing!