10 Tips & Tricks Using Magazine Holders


This blog was inspired by a client, which happens a lot. I was walking down her stairs and this clever little solution caught my eye.

I loved this ingenious solution. It got me thinking, what else can I use magazine racks for in my home and my client’s homes. I started digging around and here are the 10 best uses for magazine holders, other than storing magazines!

1. Freezer shelves – The storage containers “made” for the fridge and freezer can be a little pricey. This is an excellent alternative and you likely have one or two of these lying around the house.


2. Flipflops or slippers

3. Cutting boards in the kitchen


4. Hair tools and brushes


5. Root vegetable in the pantry


6. Yarn and other crafts

7. Wireless router hider


8. Plastic lid holder for food storage containers


9. Canned foods


10. Small purses and clutches 

You might not have any magazines around your home, but with these tips you’ll have to stock up on magazine holders to get your home organized!