18 for 2018 Check-in


We are ¼ of the way through 2018. It’s a little hard to believe, but we are starting to see signs of spring in Toronto so it must be true.

At the beginning of the year I put together a list of 18 things I would like to accomplish for 2018. You can read more about the planning process and the reasons behind my 18 for 2018 by clicking here.

“Resolutions” are something typically ditched by the third week of January, as we come to a close of March, I thought it was time to check in on my list and see my year is progressing.

Looking at my first six: ask why more, take my vitamins, spin class, weekly update emails to family, monthly adventures with Jackson, monthly adventures with James.

I have taken a very direct approach to the first one. I ask a question when someone has said something I don’t know or don’t understand. I’ve learned a lot and my engagement with those I interact with has magnified. I thought this would make me feel silly, but the opposite has been true. I still haven’t gotten into a regular vitamin routine yet; I have moved them to the counter so I can see them, stay tuned. Spin class also hasn’t happened. I need to partner this with a little accountability – my friend recently signed up for classes. If I sign up too she’ll make me go. I’ve sent weekly emails to family half the time. We text a lot and we also Facetime quite a bit, so we are in touch and that’s the point. Jackson reminded me we didn’t have a specific outing planned for February. He is right, but we went to Snakes and Lattes twice, we went to a video game store to trade in a whole lot of games for him to update his gaming library and we had several visits to the park because of unseasonably warm weather in Toronto. We had quality time and we have our March adventure already planned, planning one month in advance is the goal for the rest of the year. As for James, we have enjoyed many outings together. We go to several of the local playgroups to hang with our friends, we go to the park any chance we get and we had a lovely outing planned today, as I write this, to go to a theatre performance for babies. However, because babies are unpredictable or in my baby’s case too predictable, he wasn’t willing to give up his nap for the cultural experience, who am I to argue?

The next six: Monthly breakfast dates with Jeff, two books a month, blog weekly, yoga daily, meditation daily, take the city tour bus.

This group will give me a gold star. I love a gold star. Jeff and I had breakfast together at the end of January and we haven’t since. By that I mean out in a restaurant, alone. Otherwise we have breakfast together most days with the boys. How lucky is that? Two books a month, absolutely! You can check out what I’m reading on my Pinterest page by clicking here Blog weekly. The proof is on the page – literally. You keep me accountable every single week. And, I love it! Yoga and meditation are necessary to my day now. I crave it and seek it in little moments of the day, stopping to take 4-5 breaths feeling my feet on the ground, checking in with myself and taking it all in. I will absolutely take the City Tour bus, but it’s cold and that’s a warm weather activity. I can catch it by my house, tour around then get dropped back off. I’m stoked!

The last six: Say yes – even if I have to leave the house, start an investment, take a photography course, journal regularly, social media free Sunday, keep taxes up to date.

This group is a little less gold starish. I am saying yes more, but the truth is I mostly work and mother. I am actively looking for opportunities to leave the house more and as they present themselves I say yes. I started an investment in both of the boys’ names and I am currently reading an interesting book about investing and entering the market. Once I am done with that, I plan to put some of the suggestions into action. I haven’t taken a photography course; I have looked up several courses and will make this a priority in the next quarter. I’ve started to journal regularly. I try to write three times a week. I have also started a travel journal to document our trips – there are so many little moments that fade with time and the journal helps to preserve those. Social media free Sunday. I enjoy this day. I lose my phone and immerse myself in the day. I’m not always 100% successful, but just being mindful of it helps me decrease my time significantly. Taxes – I haven’t done a thing, but just seeing this and having to write this motivates me to get those receipts and other papers in order for 2018.

In summary I feel really good writing this update. I look at the past three months and feel great about the accomplishments and the memories. I feel motivated to address the areas I have left lacking and look forward to moving through 2018 with this list in the back of my mind – or maybe a little in my face – to keep things fun, interesting and challenging.