20 Things to Declutter Today!


I have my fingers crossed for spring. It’s so cold in Toronto still. March is always the harshest month. Winter should be lifting it’s icy grip, but instead it’s snowed every day this week and the wind was whipping so hard this morning I almost fell over. However, this too shall pass and when it does we know spring is just on the other side.

Spring cleaning will be top of mind in the next month or two and I want to make sure you’re ready. Yes, this is a blog about getting you ready to clean. What? That’s ridiculous. No, it’s smart and I’ll show you why.

Have you ever tried to clean a cabinet full of stuff? Or vacuum the floor when your child’s toys are still out? Why would you, it’s a mess and they idea of cleaning anything before giving it a tidy and declutter would be silly.

March and some of April are still an indoor months so why not take advantage of the time and get your home ready for spring by giving closets, cabinets and rooms some space to breath?

Go room by room and take unwanted items away. We tend to “nest” in the winter. Clutter builds up, we don’t go outside, we stash in the basement, we don’t feel like running the donation drop-off to giveaway so it lives in the garage. It happens gradually, but it adds up quickly and now is a great time to get serious and get it out.

Here are a list of items that can go right now

I challenge you to do a blitz through your home. Set a time for 20 minutes and go room-to-room finding as many of these items as you can. I’d love to see the pile you accumulate, tag #beautifullyorganizedspaces in your Instagram posts so I can see them!