Getting Organized with Ikea


A few weeks ago I was at Ikea helping a client source a few items to organize her son’s room. It had been a few months since I had the opportunity to browse their showroom opening drawers and really looking at the different tools and tricks they have to organize every space. The thing that always amazes me is how much they can fit into a small space vingette. I know it’s not totally representative of the amount of stuff we keep in our homes, but they do a great job of using every inch of space with simple solutions you can easily replicate at home. These are a few of my favorites I saw while browsing around.


 This kitchen vignette caught my eye because that black brown storage piece is typically touted as a show holder. It is typically shown in their catalog hung by the front door to turn wasted space into a mudroom. However in this space, they used it as a storage unit for kitchen items like towels, gadgets and other items. I thought it was brilliant because it’s not very wide and sits in space that would otherwise go unused. It also provides a ledge along the top to place items that you need access to more frequently, but don’t want to waste precious counter space on. This item is the Trones and retails for CA$59.99 for a three pack. They have used two sets side by side in this vignette.


When looking at a kitchen we often talk about the cabinet space or the counter space, but we often forget about the wall space. It can be just as valuable for you as the counter, cabinets or drawers and maybe even more so considering there is often a lot of it wasted in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. I love the way this vignette used the wall space with the simple hang rail and hooks and bucket to maximize space. This frees cabinets and drawers of pots, pans and cooking utensils. It also increases efficiency by placing these items right where you need them, next to the stove and oven when you are preparing a meal. The little bucket can add a place for hard to contain items like chip clips, hand towels, small tools without holes to hang them or any other small kitchen items that need to be corralled and close at hand. The hang rail is the simple Fintorp system it also includes a number of other accessories including “s” hooks, baskets and buckets to maximize any space. The 79″ rail itself retails for CA$11.99 and the accessories range from CA$4.99 – $16.99


This solution requires a bit more planning, but when I pulled the drawer from this vignette out from under the sink I was so impressed I had to include it in the list. The space under the kitchen sink is always a bit precarious because it has to work around the plumbing necessary for, well, the kitchen sink. However, given the geniuses over at Ikea this
was no problem for them. They designed a drawer that pulls out with garbage and recycling bins as well as a place to put cleaning supplies and other items for storage. They also added the upper shelf on the right that can store smaller ikea4tools like sponges, a dish brush, smaller bottles and supplies. This is a solution to consider if you are thinking of renovating the kitchen, but could be incorporated into an existing drawer in the kitchen as well.
Here is what the outside of this drawer looks like when closed – so clean!
This handy little under the counter storage system is new. It is so clever because it takes something so simple – a container – and hangs it in a space that typically goes unused – under the cabinet. This takes the wall space storage one step further from the s hooks, baskets and buckets and lets you store items like flour, sugar, crackers and cookies   ikea5
within arms reach. Wonderful for the avid baker and even better for clearing out that overstuffed pantry. These new holder and glass containers are available with the Rimforsa system.  The Rimforsa 31.5″ rail retails for CA$5.99 The holder with two glass containers retails for CA$19.99.
ikea6There are several other accessories you can add to this system that help you increase the efficiency and beauty of your space. Including a basket that my Ikea used as a little plant holder, so cute! The other accessories in the system range from CA$1.50-$16.99
Most of the solutions I have shown so far had to do with the kitchen, but this little genius idea is for a home office or other utility space in the home. If you look at the photo above you’ll find several useful ideas – shelves to hold magazines holders that can corral papers, magazines books etc. Hooks below for bags and backpacks – anyone who follows this blog knows I’m a big fan of hooks in all areas of the house, but my very favorite this in this photo is how they used the arms of the shelf for wrapping paper. GENIUS! This is space that wasn’t even meant for anything, but they creatively put something in it that is hard to store properly, can take up a lot of space for how often it is used and is usually found crumpled in the back corner of a closet unusable by the time you need it. A big pat on the back for the Ikea genius that came up with this idea! The shelf in this image is the Ekby Östen wall shelf, retailing for CA$14.99 a shelf, however, there are several wall shelf options available at Ikea, here are a few to get your browsing started – like 33 pages worth to get you started!

On a side note, this is not a sponsored blog post. This is just a review of products that I believe in a would recommend to any client I have looking for solutions in their home. I believe in Ikea products for the quality, convenience, genius and price point! Everything I featured on the blog today is also available online for purchase and delivery to keep it even more convenient, I would love to see some of the ways you have incorporated Ikea products in your home to make it more efficient and beautiful. Share in the comment section below.

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Happy Organizing!