3 Steps = Great Results – The Organizing Process

I am often asked when I talk to new clients or when I tell people I am a professional organizer, what does that mean? What do you do? What can I expect when you show up?

Here is some insight into the decluttering process and how it might be beneficial to you.

There are three steps to my process.

The first is the SORTING process. By sorting I really mean pulling everything out. If we are working in a closet, we are pulling out the clothes, the shoes, the accessories, the things back

in the darkest corner. We want to know everything that you are keeping in there and lay it out.

From there we are going to EDIT it down. By edit I mean declutter. This is where you are going to be making your piles of keep, donate, garbage and really thinking about what you love and what do you use. It’s important to be ruthless during this process because what goes back in, you want it to be the things you are going to pull out wear or love and remember that you have.

From there you create the systems. This is the REORGANIZING PROCESS.  Working with a professional organizer to understand how you work within this space. So again, looking at the closet, what’s the season? For example, Fall. Let’s bring our warmer clothes forward and our cooler Summer clothes toward the back. As well as developing other little systems to help you along the way. Do you need to reach all your bags at one time or can you rotate through them?

With these three steps together, you move through each organizing project. It’s always the same steps, different space – gives you great results.

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