Why I Love Haute Classics

JAs an Organizer I am often asked where to donate and sell items in the City. One of the most common items is clothing and accessories. For designer items, pieces you purchased at high end specialty or department stores, my top recommendation in the City is Haute Classics. I’m not the only one to think so, in 2013 & 2014 they were voted Best Consignment Shop by Now readers and received runner up in 2015.

So, Why Haute Classics? Well, where shall I begin. I stumbled upon Haute Classics in their first year in business at their first location along Yonge St. in Yorkville. I met Stella and Jina while consigning items for a client. They were personable, knowledgeable and professional. My client was also thrilled because their compensation plan is one of the highest, meaning you get more of your money back once your clothing, shoes and accessories sell.



Also, take note of when they consign items. When you clean your closet out at the end of a season it won’t be the right time to take those items to consignment. One idea I would suggest is packing out of season consignment items away in a suitcase and garment bag and save them until the appropriate time.




Well fast forward almost 4 years later and they have upgraded their space. still along Yonge Street, a little further north at St. Clair, it is bigger, brighter and so chic. My very favorite part of the store is the bag wall, lined top to bottom with gorgeous designer bags and a similar wall at the back of stunning shoes. I love the set-up. You feel like your in a high end boutique, shopping all the best brands, at a fraction of the price. About 10 years ago, I began buying my sunglasses at consignment shops. Great designer shades anywhere from 50-75% off retail – yes please! I’ve purchased my last three pair of sunglasses at Haute Classics, including a pair that I broke last year and I found again on my last trip in to consign items – you never know what treasure you might find!It’s not just the in-store experience that I appreciate, but the online presence as well. They have an online store listing every item for sale in-store, meaning you can purchase and ship items outside of the Toronto area. This is a huge bonus to consigners because your things are being viewed by a larger audience ensuring you make top dollar for each item you consign.

They also do fun things on Instagram like “last call” sales. These are items sold in an auction style sale. Bidders increase bids in the comment section over a set amount of time and the last comment at the end of the time is the winner.  Beyond the eye candy this provides on my Instagram feed, I have to confess, I picked up a treasure of my own from one of these last call sales.

Not all items are fit for consignment. You want to ensure your items are in excellent condition. No rips and tears, all buttons attached etc. Also, make sure it’s clean and on a hanger when you bring clothing in. If you have the case for a pair of sunglasses bring it with you! Also, don’t forget to make an appointment, you don’t want to show up with all of your things only to have to come back.

Consignment can be a great way to ease the burden on your closet and make a little money as a bonus! For more information you can contact Haute Classics at:

416 922 7900
Contact Form
1454 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M4T 1Y5

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Happy Organizing!

**Store images courtesey of www.hauteclassics.com