Maximize Your Calendar with Color


I live by calendar. I often joke, if it’s not in the calendar it won’t happen. Well, this is the truth. I use my calendar for appointments, reminders, to do lists and just general stuff. There are so many advantages to a digital calendar, but today I want to talk about the visual advantage and the tools you can implement to make your calendar work for you.

I use an iCalendar. It works for me because I am an iPhone, iPad and Macbook user. However, today’s trick will work on your Google calendar as well.

A few years ago I worked with a coach. He took one look at my calendar suggested color-coding the different areas of your life. For example, instead of using the default yellow/gold color that every appointment in my calendar was showing up as, I made different categories to represent different activities.

Red – Business Activities/Meetings

Blue – Client Appointments

Green – Holidays

Yellow – Family Obligations (shared calendar)

Purple –  Personal Obligations

Making this small change allowed me to take a glance at my calendar as I was planning my week and see where I was lacking – is my week lacking meaningful social interaction with those I love most? Do I need to add a few more client appointments to meet my monthly goals? Have I fit in time to workout? These are all questions I could answer and solve with my calendar.

Did I mention it’s also much prettier to look at!



So how can you do this in your own calendar?  

Instructions for iCal:

1. Click on File a New Calendar a iCloud*

*I use iCloud for all of my calendars because I want them to sync among all of my devices. This is key so I don’t get confused or miss an appointment

2. Name the Calendar: if you have kids maybe a calendar for each, if you have a home business one for that, do you have a group that meets several times a month maybe one for that.

3. The program will assign a standard color for you, you can right click on the calendar to get the menu offering “custom color”

If you are using Google Calendar here is how you can change calendar colors and single events:

Instructions for Google Calendar

Change Calendar Color

Step 1
Click the drop-down arrow for the calendar you want to adjust.
Step 2
Select a color from the color palette. Click “Choose Custom Color” to create a new color not listed.
Step 3
Click on an area of the color palette to select the color you want. You can drag the marker on the palette to customize the color with greater precision.
Step 4
Select “Dark Text” or “Light Text” in the Text Color section and click “OK” to save your changes.

Change Individual Events
Step 1
Click the event on your calendar you want to change.
Step 2
Select the “Edit Event” link.
Step 3
Choose a color in the “Event Color” section and click the “Save” button.

Good luck! I hope you find the different colors easier to navigate and a lot more fun to look at!

Happy Organizing!