5 Easy Tips to a Healthier Home in 2018

1. Swap plastic for glass – I have switched all of the plastic containers in my home for glass. It’s a little burdensome to have glass, it’s heavier, it’s breakable, but not putting my leftovers   plastic to sit in the refrigerator or *gasp* microwave weighs out any downside.  


2. S’Well Water Bottle – Ok, I’m not trying to sound like a snob, but my S’well water bottle changed my life. I always tried to carry my own water before the S’well, but was never really inspired and couldn’t seem to make a habit of it. Once I got a S’well that all changed. It keeps my water cold and that is enough for me. Throw in the fact that I’m not drinking plastic residue all day – a win!


3. Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies – Have you checked your cleaning supplies lately? The toxins we spray into the air in the name of “cleaning our home” is a little scary. I switched to non-toxic options like Method and Mrs. Myers, but there are endless home remedies you can make as well. One of my favorite websites for all things green is Small Footprint FamilyHere is a list of six DIY green cleaning recipes. Find more inspiration for your natural cleaning needs by clicking here.


4. Ditch Dryer Sheets – I used scented dryer sheets for years. I never even thought about it until I was pregnant and then had this moment of realization, “why am I using an eco detergent then rubbing toxins all over my clothing in the dryer?” I like the effects of dryer sheets however so I changed to the Honest brand dryer sheets, more expensive, but worth the expense.


5. Cloth napkins – I used paper napkins for years, not really thinking about the effects on the environment. When I was little my parents used cloth napkins and although the need to be washed, the footprint is still smaller. So I went old school and switched to cloth. I have a house of boys, so they usually just wipe their hands on their pants anyway. Want to spoil your home with the most gorgeous, eco-friendly cloth napkins? My friend Eve creates napkins (and tea towels!) from fabric remnants in the most luxurious materials with gorgeous prints. Check them out at her site EVE LIKES GREEN 


What small changes have to make your home a little more Eco? Let me know on the comment section below!