5 No Nonsense Ways to Create Healthy Habits

This picture is from one of my morning yoga practices this week. I wrote about my “18 for 2018” in a previous blog and number 10 on that list was, “yoga daily”. I have told myself this is non-negotiable, it doesn’t matter how long it is, what it looks like or how much I don’t feel like doing it, yoga daily. Moving first thing in the morning gets my blood flowing, helps me shake off any last bits of sleep and gets my head straight for the day. 

This is how I committed to this for the past month and not just to go through the motions but turning it into something I crave! 

  1. Don’t set any expectations – it doesn’t have to be a certain time limit, it doesn’t have to be guided, if I feel like I need to lay in child’s pose for 10 minutes, yoga daily.
  2. Find a community you can connect with – I find it harder to make classes these days, but I didn’t use that as an excuse, I found an online alternative that is amazing and fits in wherever I have the time. 
  3. Don’t take it too seriously – the commitment to the act is serious, but the act of yoga is meant to add space for me and my body to move, shake, spin, lay flat, whatever, but above all enjoying myself and having fun. 
  4. Let others know this is important to you – I have told everyone in my home that this is what I like to do in the morning. That doesn’t mean they aren’t included but expect me to be stretching while you talk to me. See my husband’s feet in the edge of the picture, he’s also holding the baby – a family affair! 
  5. Be flexible – sometimes I get 30 minutes to myself while the baby’s napping in the morning, sometimes I squeeze 10 minutes while the baby is crawling through my legs, both are appreciated and honestly, have the same effect. 

What have you put off because the conditions aren’t right, the stars haven’t aligned, it’s too cold, days are too short? Start – today, just to see what happens and how it makes you feel.