90% Done is Better Than 100% of Nothing

Hi. Welcome to 2019.  I am just wanting to do a quick little video on the challenge I am running this month on Burnout and Fatigue.      

If you are like me, it’s probably your first full week back after the holidays and family and food, so much food, and your feeling rested but almost like you need a holiday from your holiday maybe. So I am hoping that this challenge will help you reset, get yourself focussed for 2019, thinking about things a little bit differently. Seeing where you can trim some of the areas that maybe don’t need your time, don’t need your energy. So that this feeling of overwhelm and exhaust doesn’t take over.

One little tip I wanted to give today was

“90% done is better than 100% of nothing.”

I say this over and over again during the week because I think a lot of times, especially when we’re working on an organizing project or something that has multiple steps to it and is a bit complicated, we get overwhelmed by not completing it because we feel as though we cannot do it 100%.

Most of the projects we do in our lives, especially decluttering projects, don’t need 100%. They need about 90%. They just need to get to get done. Maybe they don’t have the fancy label you were hoping for or maybe there’s a container you had in mind that’s not there.  But really, if you can use a Ziplock bag, maybe a cardboard box, get it done, because the result of that is going to feel so good.

A perfect example would be this video. I was looking for ten minutes this morning where I could sit in front of this beautiful picture and do a nice video, but the fact of the matter is, I have a busy day. I’m coming off of two weeks off and I just need to get it done. So here I am, sitting in my car because I have ten minutes before I walk into see a lovely client this afternoon and I wanted to make sure that I shared this with you and add a real-life example to put in there with it.

So, I hope you are enjoying the challenge so far. I would love any feed back that you have and good luck on ringing in your own time and avoiding burnout and fatigue. Not only this month in January, but throughout the year.

Thanks, have a great day!