Are you an under buyer or an over buyer? Do you always find yourself running to the corner store for toilet paper and toothpaste or do you stock for an army? I would consider myself a […]

Overbuy the Right Way

Does the word laundry send you into a cold sweat? Fear not! I am here today to equip you with the top five ways to show your laundry who’s boss! Laundry Daily – Stop thinking “laundry […]

Show your laundry who’s boss!

  This blog was inspired by a client, which happens a lot. I was walking down her stairs and this clever little solution caught my eye. I loved this ingenious solution. It got me thinking, what […]

10 Tips & Tricks Using Magazine Holders

This picture is from one of my morning yoga practices this week. I wrote about my “18 for 2018” in a previous  blog and number 10 on that list was, “yoga daily”. I have told myself […]

5 No Nonsense Ways to Create Healthy Habits

1. Swap plastic for glass – I have switched all of the plastic containers in my home for glass. It’s a little burdensome to have glass, it’s heavier, it’s breakable, but not putting my leftovers   plastic to sit in the […]

5 Easy Tips to a Healthier Home in 2018

A little bit about me, I love to play games. Board games, card games, dice games. It’s been my favorite past time for as long as I can remember. I’ve passed this love of games along […]

Why You Must Go to Snakes and Lattes Now!

I live in Toronto where space is at a premium and you have to get creative to fit everything in. I’m fortunate to have three bedrooms in my home, but when my youngest son was born […]

Creating a Home Office with Found Space

I hate new year’s resolutions because, let’s be honest, those don’t last, they make us feel bad when we invariably break them, and they usually come from a negative place. I am a huge fan of […]

Supercharge Your Year with 18 for 2018