About Us

Beautifully Organized was established with the sole purpose of helping you live and work in beautiful, decluttered spaces. Establishing personalized organizing systems that allow you to live, work and enjoy your spaces are always the goal. A system should: make it easy to find what you’re looking for, help you streamline the multiple priorities you juggle every day and make your home or office feel like a peaceful and enjoyable space. Whether you need decluttering help in your existing space or you are moving to a new space, Beautifully Organized is a uniquely tailored professional organizing solution that will meet and exceed your organizing needs.


About Sage, Chief Organizer

Sage, Beautifully Organized Chief Professional Organizer, has a natural ability to declutter a space, masterfully turning chaos into order. She has moved from coast to coast having to constantly declutter and tweak her personal organizing systems to work with different spaces. Using her personal experience and professional organizing expertise she is able to help create lifelong systems in your life. Whatever challenge you face, Sage can make the decluttering process easy, fun and successful!


About Pauline, Assistant Organizer

Pauline’s passion is beautiful interior designs and creative DIY’s. This passion overflows into her ability to create systems, processes and beautifully organized spaces.  If there is a room or space that needs organizing, you can bet Pauline will be there.

About Robynn, Digital and Social Media Organizer

With over 30 years of customer service, Robynn is proud to be a part of the Beautifully Organized Team.  Her main role is Digital and Social Media Organizer but can sometimes be seen coming out from behind the scenes and working on an organizing project.