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Everyone has their own reason to hire an organizer, with the role I play varying based on your needs. I am your coach to help you eliminate clutter and restore function to your spaces. I work hands-on to help you complete your organizing project or household move in a timely manner. Organizing and moving can be overwhelming, but I help you break it down into manageable pieces until you have regained control and completed each organizing project or move successfully. Click here for a free consultation to get started.
There are a few methods I use to complete each organizing or moving project: hands-on work, remote coaching or a combination of both. When I work hands-on we are sorting, editing and redesigning the spaces together. Remote coaching involves an initial visit of the space and then a detailed action plan that you complete with phone coaching sessions and an in person follow-up at the end. We can combine these methods to work with your schedule and your budget. Click here for a free consultation.
Each organizing project or move varies depending on the amount of work involved. I always offer a free phone consultation to discuss these specifics before starting any project. Click on the link below to schedule yours today! Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.
There isn't a one size fits all solution to organizing. When you approach a space you have to consider how YOU live in that space. Adapting your habits and style are crucial to successfully living organized. Books are often unable to provide a customized solution to your specific situation and the continued coaching to stay motivated. I work side by side with you to evaluate each space to ensure the end result will help you live organized for life. Click here for a free consultation to get started.
Yes… and no. It really depends on what we are doing together. It is important to be around for the sorting and editing process. If you are willing to trust us to edit and sort, I will happily take the challenge, but we are ruthless and you migh be more comfortable making those decisions on your own. However, hen it comes to reorganizing a space, installing closets, packing items during a move and countless other things, we are happy to come in and get them done for you. Every situation is a little bit different and that is way we always offer free phone consultations to understand your needs and how we can best help you. Click here for a free consultation to get started.
Cost varies depending on the job. We have hourly rate structures and per job pricing. Give us a call today and we can discuss your specific needs and give you a quote to help you budget. Click here to get started.
We always offer free phone consultations. We are happy to come to your home for a consultation. If we decide to move forward and work together the consultation fee is waived. If you got a lot of great ideas and inspiration from the consultation and want to move forward with the work on your own, we think that’s amazing, there will just be a small fee to cover our time for the visit.
Nothing. The goal of organizing is to help you continue to build on the systems that are working and improve what isn’t working for you. In order to do this we must see your space in its “natural” state. Don’t worry, I promise, we’ve seen worse, so open the closets you hide when company comes over and let us see!
We are always happy to work with family member and those you care about in extreme situations. Something to consider is their desire to get de-cluttered and organized. You know the expression; “You can lead a horse to water…” that applies here. Make sure you have a conversation with the gift recipient before purchasing them a gift certificate. We are happy to chat with you to discuss your situation to determine the best steps forward. To get started.
No, our job is not to throw everything away. Our job is to help you sort and edit the items that are import to you and part with the items that no longer serve you. Sage, Lead Organizer, has three dresses from her great grand-mother that hang in her closet. Will she wear them? No. Does she look at them and appreciate them and smile with warm thoughts of her great-grandmother when she sees them? Yes. Stuff with a purpose. Stuff that makes you smile. It can stay. Clutter that is around simply because it has always been around will be encouraged to go. We are very familiar with donation, consignment, auction, resell and waste drop-offs; we can find the proper place for your unused stuff.

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