Apply self-care to avoid holiday burnout

The beginning of December signals the start of two months of chaos. The holidays, and I mean the Holidays. My husband and my boys are Jewish, I still love my Christmas tree so we get out the menorah and the ornaments. New Year’s Eve is always a fun time with family at the cottage and then January is my older son’s birthday and February is my younger son’s (1st!!) birthday. To say I am burnt out by mid-January is an understatement and we have an additional birthday added to the mix this year. This is without a doubt one of my favorite times of year – celebrating, time around family, the surprises and the memories. What is often forgotten is me! I forget that I also have needs and it is impossible for me to contribute to these joyous occasions if I have neglected my own needs.

Self-care has a bit of a light context to it. It screams day at the spa or long meditation sessions. It can be either of those things, but it doesn’t have to be.  Self care is taking the time to makes your needs a priority. Self-care is as basic as regular meals and exercise. Ensuring your basic needs are met before you try to feed the baby, take your kids to school, run to work. Self-care is also recognizing activities that make you happy and carving out time in your day for them. Simply sitting quietly and breathing, reading a book or magazine, walking to the local park and back, catching up on Skype with a friend in another country, one of my favorite ways to rejuvenate!

Self-care doesn’t suggest selfishness it suggests self-awareness.

Trying to push yourself to the point of exhaustion is not going to help anyone, least of all you.

I saw a wonderful quote in a article that said, “Self-care isn’t a reward. It’s part of the process”

Include self-care into your process. Be conscious as we enter this wonderfully hectic time of year to identify times of exhaustion or aggravation. How would self-care help alleviate the stress?

Happy holidays and happy organizing!