Are You Reliable?

I take my responsibilities seriously because the way I fulfill my duties reflects the type of person I am. I value the quality of my tasks more than keeping people happy by always taking on more tasks.

Before I accept a task or take on a responsibility, I ensure I have the ability to complete it. To finish a task with excellence, I need the right amount of time paired with the appropriate skills.

Before committing to a task, I evaluate my schedule to determine whether I have time to complete the task well. I avoid becoming frazzled by respecting my time schedule. A steady pace enables me to pay attention to detail and perform at my best.

I make a mental list of the skills necessary to complete the task successfully and decide if I possess them or if I am willing to learn a new skill in time to complete the task. I am humble enough to admit my limitations. People trust me to be honest about my ability to perform.

People know I only accept tasks if I am sure I can deliver. I stick to my word because it has value to me and I want others to value my word too. By earning the respect of others, I increase my potential for success.

Today, I choose to limit the amount of responsibilities I take on so that I can complete the tasks on my plate with excellence. I choose to take my time and do my best in order to exceed my own expectations and earn the trust of others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. 1. What is my motive behind taking on tasks?
  2. 2. Do I value the quality of my work?
  3. 3. How can I be more reliable?

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