Attic Organizing Tips


This week I have a guest blogger on to talk about an often forgotten space in a home – the Attic! There are so many beautiful old homes in my neighbourhood with attics that could add square footage and creative nooks in your home…

Owning an attic as part of your home setup is a great way to store some things you don’t really need inside it, but chances are it is often forgotten and left to gather dust for extended periods of time. The following tips will give you more information you can count on to make it all work and stay organized in the long run:

·     Get some help
If you don’t think the current setup works for your attic space, then you will need to have this figured out with someone helping you. This will allow you to get things done without worrying about the smaller details. Getting some help for what you need to organize will allow you to move things around without fail, especially since the extra pair of hands will be quite welcome.
·      De-cluttering
Once you have someone to help you out, you will finally be ready for the next step in your challenge, removing the junk and clutter from it and getting it all worked out and organized. This will also allow you to do some cleaning up there, such as floor cleaning, dusting and other types of domestic cleaning without involving a cleaning company if possible. Make a plan and figure out what types of items you want to keep, but also keep in mind you may want to get a good amount of bags for those items you can’t keep around for the time being, so you can get rid of them and stash them, sell them or donate them when you’re done.


·      Categorize your items

You need to get rid of the clutter, but you will also need to do your best to categorize it by items and to label them if you can. Keeping an inventory list will allow you to figure things out in the long run, finding what you need instead of digging through boxes and trying to locate that one items you needed. A simple combination of letters and numbers as well as keeping things organized in this way is all you need to make it happen.

·      Making zones around the attic

If you want to have all things figured out right, you will need to work on designating some zones you can work with you newly labeled boxes. This type of system will allow you to rapidly find what you need without losing time, also allowing you to clean the area without fail and to deal with the overall organization without too much effort involved. You can group items together by function or type, making it far easier to find what you need later on, especially when it comes to books. The Dewey decimal system or simple alphabetizing by author will work wonders in the long run.attic2