Back to School

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It’s September and the kids are back at school! The rush hour traffic is back at full volume, meaning it is more important than ever to have a smooth morning routine. Nothing is worse than realizing at 8:15am that there are no juice boxes for lunches and a pen cannot be found to sign that late permission form.

Hopefully the first week back went smoothly for all, if not here are a few tips to streamline the morning and evening routine. With these tips, the kids will be back into the swing of things in no time:

Hang Hooks – They are perfect for school bags, purses, items that need to leave with you in the morning. Hang them by the door for easy access

Homework station – Fill small plastic drawers or bins with everything you need to work through household paperwork or your child‘s homework, pencils, ruler, calculator, colored pencils etc. Simply put it away when you’re done for a portable work center.

Put a calendar on the fridge – Layout the family‘s schedule so everyone knows where to be and when. You can also easily schedule activities for the family without having to consult with everyone first.

Packing Lunches – Place a bin in the fridge with all the lunch items you’ll need to pack your child’s lunch. Take the bin out in the morning or the night before to pack the lunches. You’ll also know right away when things need to be restocked.

Pre-portion Snacks – Pre-portion your child’s favorite snacks in portable containers. They can pull them out after school or you can grab them quickly and go on the way to after-school activities.

Managing Paperwork and Art – We want to treasure our little one’s masterpieces, but it’s simply not possible to keep everything. I recommend getting a bin, under the bed bins work great, and fill it up with art projects and school papers. Go through this at a preset time. Once a month is good or once a quarter. Decide which pieces to keep and take pictures of the others. You can keep an unlimited digital archive for memories.

Hopefully the above tips help to ease the transition from a summer of fun into a successful school year. Happy Organizing!