Day 12 – Beautifully Organized: Episode 1

Hi! This is Sage with Beautifully Organized and I’m excited you’re here for another audio blog you can listen to anywhere, anytime, doing just about anything.

Beautifully Organized -Episode 1: Audio Version

I am coming to you with my very first audio blog. So I’ve blogged for a long time with Beautifully Organized but I’m going to start playing with the format and I thought audio was a great way to bring this to you so that you can listen to it as you go about your busy day.

In keeping with the theme of this week’s blogs, I’d like to talk about challenge and change but specifically around mindset and the importance of a positive mindset.

So I thought a good example would be my move to Toronto. So as a lot of you know I am American. I moved here almost 10 years ago which is pretty staggering and when I moved here I knew one person. My husband, and I guess that’s the advantage of being young and just saying, “Sure, I’ll move to Toronto” and not really thinking through the job or the career or any of the specifics.

However, when I came here it gave me an amazing opportunity to re-frame this challenge and re-frame this change to say, “What would I do if I could do anything?” And pretty quickly I landed on organizing. It was always something that I loved to do, wanted to do, but in the U.S. I had this great job in sales that was very comfortable and I was making good money and why would I give that up to start a business and to sort of dive into the unknown?

But when I moved to Toronto I’d already dived into the unknown, so reframing that really gave me an opportunity to find something that was much more meaningful. However, hand in hand with that came some uncomfortable moments. Definitely some challenges with not working. I had to put myself out there. I had to start saying out loud, “I’m a professional organizer” and telling people that this is what I do. Asking for referrals. All of the things that help you build a business.

But I thought to myself, I’m in sales. So if I can sell a product or a service why not be a product or service that I provide that I love, that I’m passionate about?

In turn, it turns out that when you do something like that that you’re actually really good at selling it. So the passion helps.

I would say for me through this process as I think back on it and what made it successful was at the very beginning reframing the challenge into something that was very positive. This is an opportunity for me to find something that I’m passionate about and that I love.

Also taking pride in the small steps. So everyday didn’t have monumental steps, but sometimes just sending the one email or writing the blog or finding the networking group was enough. So that’s what I have to offer you today. I hope it provides you a little motivation and a little bit of just food for thought moving forward.

So I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you or hear you again next week.

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