Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Decorating and reworking your small bathroom to feel bigger, cozier and welcoming can be hard, but implement a few tricks and tips to make it appear bigger and you will have an easier time.
bathroom1Repaint your bathroom
Using lively and vivid colors in your bathroom might seem bold, but you can ensure that it will look nice, and appear more spacious. Though, you should make sure to choose a color which will go with the items already in your bathroom, because you do not want to mix and match too much, as it could seem forced, and it will choke your small bathroom even more.Add a mirror 
Mirrors are a great way to spruce up your bathroom, and for smaller bathrooms, it is a great way to add the feeling of space. Though, be careful not to install one too big, or too small for that matter, as they could diminish the effect you were going for. They are a necessity, yet many forget to include this detail in the remodeling process. Fore more on choosing the right mirror size click here.


Make more room for storage
The main problem when it comes to small bathrooms is a lack of storage space. Include storage ideas that will be useful to expand your bathroom’s function and increase space. However, be aware that if you stack too many items one on top the other, it could ruin your style, and it could end up looking messy and sloppy.Dealing with plumbing
The good news for smaller bathrooms is that you will be able to deal with blocked drains and clogged pipes more easily. Remember that when the plumber comes over to inspect or to fix something, they should have enough space to handle everything.

Combo your bathtub

In some cases, the bathroom is small enough to have only a bathtub installed. But, if you make sure to go with a shower/tub combo you will have efficiently saved on space, and you will be able to enjoy bubbly baths, and to also take quick showers when you are in a hurry.It will take time to organize bathroom3everything in a small bathroom, but well worth the investment and energy. Adding elements  to make your bathroom appear bigger will be necessary in order to add a warmer and cozier feeling. On the other hand, try to keep your item to a minimum, because too many things could ruin the overall feeling, and you will end up with less space than when you started this journey.Today’s blog post comes from guest blogger Diana Smith