Bullet Journaling Using EVERNOTE

2018 was to be the year of the bullet journaling for me. I watched several videos, so many videos, rabbit holes of videos, then picked up an inexpensive journal from amazon.com and was ready to get serious.

I stuck with it for January and February. I found the process a little cumbersome, but fun and creative! I even added calligraphy on my list of things to learn in 2018. By March I was chicken scratching the outlines and forgetting to even fill in some weeks.

The process didn’t feel natural to me. I am a digital girl. I love crossing off items on a to do list, but writing items on the list became harder and harder and eventually I stopped keeping a list at all. Something had to change.

I turned to my favorite tool – Evernote. I decided to translate what I was doing on paper into a digital format that was always with me.

If you are not familiar with the traditional bullet journal setup and formatting take a look at this quick video.

Now that you are familiar with the basics here is how I translated that idea to Evernote.

I created a separate notebook for “April Bullet Journal”

Inside of that notebook I included two standard notes

Brain dump – this is the note I use to include every to do and idea I have during the day – and night. It’s a place to gather my thoughts then disperse them into actionable tasks on to the weekly notes. Anything left in this note at the end of the month moves to the next month’s “brain dump” note. For instance, anything left on the April Brain Dump will move to the May Brain Dump. 

Weekly note – This is the note that includes the daily breakdown. The tasks from my brain dump or the daily tasks that happen in my life live here. Every week I go through and complete the items. Anything left undone moves to the next weekly note. Each month will have approx. 4 weekly notes.



Evernote has a number of cool features you can implement within this simple system. A few I really like are:

  1. The checklist box – duh! – it gives almost as much satisfaction as crossing off a paper list.
  2. Linking notes together – do you have a note relating to a task that you’ve noted in your bullet journal? You can link the project note to the weekly note so you don’t have to waste time clicking all over Evernote to find things.
  3. Add reminders to notes – do you need a little nudge to get your tasks complete? Set a reminder to go off during the day to keep you on track. This will also move the note to the top of your note list so it’s always top of mind.
  4. Creative Touches – You can change the color and style of font. It’s not calligraphy, but easy, fun and functional.

This is a brand new system for me, but one that has been working well, giving me the flexibility and accessibility to create a comprehensive task list AND giving me the satisfaction of crossing things off.