Camping Reconnect


It’s funny, when I am at home I feel like I’m always going 100 miles an hour. I work, play and live from my home. There is always something to do. So when my husband and I were asked to go on a camping trip we jumped at the opportunity. We relish the outdoors and being able to spend uninterrupted time together.

As I was preparing for the trip I decided this was perfect to fit into my happiness project. I am focusing on the relationships in my life and specifically my marriage. I have promised to take any opportunity to reconnect and be with friends and family in a meaningful way this month… and always.

The thing about camping is once yo get to the site you are set. You have everything you need for meals, sleeping and hanging out. There is no hustle or need to “do” things. It’s a total relaxation fest. However, making that possible takes a little bit of work.

I would highly recommend camping to anyone, even if you don’t think you would like it, you will. If you take time to prepare it could be the best mini-vacation you’ve ever had.

To help you get started I have included a Camping Checklist. This will give you a great place to get started.

Friday, I will post my camping video, which is packed with tips and tricks to help you reconnect with the people you love most in the great outdoors.

Take the plunge and go camping. You will feel better, lighter and recharged when you get home, I promise.

Happy Organizing!