Clearing Electronic Clutter – Pictures #1

The invention of digital pictures, in my mind, is without a doubt one of the most amazing inventions of my lifetime… So far! It was a game changer – No more schlepping 15 rolls of film on your family vacation only to get home and never develop them AND you can take as many pictures as your heart desires and edit it down to the best of the best later.

However, as always, with this amazing technology comes a bit of consumer responsibility to keep your pictures under control and organized in some way that you can actually enjoy them.

I LOVE to take pictures so this is near and dear to me. I take pictures of everything – I probably have 100 sunset pictures from my 20th floor condo. My fiance laughs at me every time I oohhh and aaahh over the same pictures from the same view, but I know each and every one is unique. With this small obsession of mine I had to come up with a system for keeping track of my photos.

First, you need storage space off of your computer’s hard drive to archive them. You can use flash drives, external memory or a site like Dropbox to store them. Picures take up a lot of memory and can slow your devices down if there are too many lurking about.

Next, start categorizing your pictures. You can get as detailed as you need to – by month and year, by event, by family member or pet, by season – whatever works for you and you will remember! I sort mine by event and date.

Set a system for archiving your pictures on your new storage device. If you save them once a month or once a year that’s fine – just make sure you do it. I tend to save mine every 3 months. This way I’m not overwhelmed at the end of the year, but I’ve built enough pictures up to really feel like I’m accomplishing something.

Finally, stick with it. If you are able to develop a system and stick with it you will have a safe copy of all the digital memories you have created over the years. They take up minimal to no space at all and you can share them with the click of a button… Brilliant!

I could probably do another full blog post about picture storage… maybe I will! Stay tuned for more tips next week!

Happy Organizing!