Clearing Electronic Clutter – Pictures #2

I had so much fun writing last week’s blog post I decided to continue on the theme. I have a small picture obsession so thank you for following along and letting me indulge myself a bit!

I am often asked what to do with digital pictures once you have them. It’s not like it was years ago when you would print every picture put it in a frame or the fridge or an album… or a box for “future sorting” that very rarely happens.

Today I’ve decided to write about  some of my favorite ways to share digital pictures – once they are organized into easy to find and identify categories on external storage, of course… see last week’s blog post for more info.

My favorite ways to share / display my pictures:

Apple photo books – hands down the best photo book on the market. They are beautiful, easy to make and $20 for 20 pages. You can choose different themes and colors to go with the mood of the book and they make amazing gifts. I’ve never given a photo book to a disappointed receiver.

Photo Calendars – This makes a great gift for grandparents or friends / family you don’t get to see every day. Send them shots through the years that will make them smile everyday all year long – talk about a priceless gift!

Digital Photoframe – I have mine scrolling in my office right now. It’s such an amazing piece of memorabilia and motivation for me. It displays all the people i love and the places I’ve been and would like to go back. If I need a moment of clarity through the day I space out on it for a few moments and I’m ready to go!

Wallpaper on your computer – Scroll different inspiring images on your computer – display our pictures and find inspiration in them – bonus!

Share them with others – You can share them with family and friends or strangers on different sites like flickr or picassa. This gives you a creative outlet and a way to share multiple images without having to send them a few at a time via email. You can create albums for your family and friends to view and share with the touch of a button.

Pictures as gifts – Never underestimate the impact of a meaningful framed photo to a loved one… They are cherished every time!

Thank you for allowing m to indulge in one more blog post about pictures. I would love to hear from you if you have creative projects you use your pictures for! I hope you have a great week!

Happy Organizing!