Color Coding Your Home


I am a very visual person and as a result a lot of my organizing systems revolve around color. It is easy to identify and associate. I use it for my filing system, the hangers in the closet I share with my husband, my keys. Color-coding items in your home is a great way to get yourself and your family organized.

Here are a few quick ways to color-code your home today:

  • pick a color for each family member and stick with it. Find lunch bags that color, create a message center with color-coded notes or board for each member. Use that color pen for each member on the family calendar or on the smartphone to indicate activities and events.
  • In the kitchen color-code the cutting boards for meat, fish, vegetables and chicken. This will decrease the risk of cross contamination
  • Paint the top of keys with nail polish to indicate the front door, back door, office etc.
  • File folders – use a different color for each category: green for financial/banking, blue for medical, red for important documents.
  • Storage bins – keep them clear so you can see the contents, but use different color duct tape to indicate what category or person the bin’s contents belong to. Red for Christmas, Orange for Halloween, pink for valentines day, green for your daughter’s outgrown clothes and yellow for your son.
  • Spice bottle labels – think about using different colors for spices used in sweet recipes and another color for savory recipes.

Happy Organizing!

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