Create More Counter Space


As my kitchen makeover continues, I am tackling another problem my kitchen space had – no room to work! There were two work surfaces, both with exceptionally terrible counter tops. By the time I took out the ingredients, mixing bowls and baking sheets, I had no more space and as a result, I stopped cooking. I love cooking so this was a problem I couldn’t overlook. Of too IKEA I went to search for more counter space.

An obvious solution – that didn’t include installing new counter tops and cabinetry – was an island. I didn’t like the idea of a permanent island in the middle of the space so I opted for a cart. I settled on the FLYTTA Kitchen Cart. It did double duty as counter space and extra storage space with the two shelves.

When I am cooking I pull the cart over and use the extra space. I also have a large wooden cutting board on the cart so I have a space to quickly chop garlic without have to pull out a board every time.


Another thing the cart did was allow a space for others to sit in the kitchen and chat while I’m making dinner. Or… should I say, a wonderful place for me to sit and drink a glass of wine while my husband makes dinner, he’s an amazing cook! I purchased two FRANKLIN foldable bar stools and a set of BJÄRUM hooks. When the stools are not being used, they are folded and hung on the hooks. When the stools are being used they unfold and the wall hooks fold up and out of the way. This has been a great set-up in my home where the kitchen is removed from the main living space.


To add even more space in my cabinets, I decided to hang two FINTORP rails along the wall in the kitchen. I was able to liberate two pots and four pans from the cabinets, including their lids. This opened so much space for me to put my crockpot, quesdilla maker, yes I have one, no I’m never getting rid of it and other kitchen gear.


The final upgrade to the kitchen was the lighting. With a single globe fixture the lighting was terrible! I was constantly in a shadow. I decided to upgrade to LED track lighting. I added four additional lights with the BAROMETER 5 light fixture from IKEA. Now I have no problem seeing what I am doing, the combination of the yellow walls and bright light make me feel like I’m on the sun!

The ripple effect throughout the kitchen has been wonderful. With a bit of reorganizing and some strategic containers the cabinets have become more functional and working in the space has taken on a new meaning.




This was a really fun project and they benefits have been huge! My son can reach his snacks and dishes. We can see the food in the pantry so we are wasting and buying less. We are cooking at home more, which in turn leads to healthier eating. We are socializing in the kitchen more, I am hearing more about my husband and son’s day as we make dinner together. That is what it’s about. Beautiful spaces shared with the ones you love!

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Happy Organizing!