Creating a Morning Routine with the Kids



I had a terrible morning with my son last week. I was in a hurry, he was not dressed, fed or ready 20 minutes before we had to leave and it all fell apart from there. When I kissed him goodbye at school that morning a light bulb went off. I have a morning routine that I follow everyday. I’ve written about it before. It’s a small collection of tasks I complete that get things done and get my day off to a good, balanced start. It was time to help him create his own morning routine.

We worked on a list as I made dinner. He wrote down everything that had to happen from the time his feet hit the ground in the morning to the moment his booty his the seat of the car for our ride to school. Here is the list. I will mention that he added the check boxes next to each task on his own.


After he wrote his list I told him everything on the list must be done before he can settle into a bit of MineCraft or a baseball video on his iPAD. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s improving and our mornings have been smoother – all good! I also got a subscription to National Geographic kids for breakfast reading. I sneak in a bit of reading where I can! I told him I read the side of a cereal box for days on end when I was his age… blank stare from him.



I’ve included a printable for you and your kids to create their own morning routines. Click on the image to download the checklist.  Independence is good and lists help with that so feel free to print it off and put it into action today.  Instill good habits early and often, you’re empowering your child and creating a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.

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Happy Organizing!