Creative Jewelry Organizing


Ok we all know about jewelry boxes. They come in all shapes and sizes. However, today I thought it would be fun to share creative ways to store and display your jewels. I think some things are too pretty to put away in a box and jewelry tops the list.

There are so many creative ways to store jewelry with everyday household items – including jewelry as art like the picture above shows. Here are a few other suggests with items you probably have lying around:

Ice Cube Tray – So smart for little items like rings or bracelets. I probably wouldn’t store necklaces here because they will tangle and create more work than necessary.

 Cutlery Trays – You can buy cutlery trays in everything from plastic and wire to metal and wood so there is bound to be something that will fit your style. They also tend to be much less expensive than traditional jewelry trays. You can set them on a dresser or counter or hang them on the wall! Trés chic!

Paper Towel Holder – I can’t think of a cuter option for bracelets than this super duper cute paper towel holder. They come in so many shapes and colors and if you don’t find the exact color you want – spray paint will do the trick!

Necklaces – Here are two very cool options for your necklaces. Save yourself the untangling and headaches by hanging your necklaces instead of dropping them into a container or box. The rake is such a cool eco option and the towel rod with shower curtain hooks is easy and inexpensive to copy.

Eco Option – I just love this. It’s the bottom on 2 liters cut out on a center pole. Super cute and very eco friendly!


Happy Organizing!

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