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Winter came early to Toronto. Winter means gear – lots of gear.

The amount of gear you need to leave your home in the winter is staggering. It leaves a cluttered mess and the time it takes to find everything to get out the door can make you want to pull your hair out.

Winter is hard enough, let me show you how to organize and declutter your entrance area to ensure smooth entrances and exits this season.

First, take stock. The first part of any organizing project involves sorting and decluttering. Gather every stitch of winter gear in your home. All gloves, hats, scarves, snow pants, boots etc. Ensure everything fits, is free of holes and still something you wear. Once this step is complete you are ready to reorganize your space.

When considering how to reorganize there are a few key pieces I use with my family and would recommend for yours as well.

All products featured in this blog were sourced from Rix Bundle, they offer 30% off products when you purchase two or more, their selection is amazing and it ships right to my house, shopping with them is a no brainer for myself and my clients. Oh, and they’re not paying me to say this, I like saving money and sharing fabulous finds!

To corral the small accessories, a medium plastic box for each member in the family is perfect. I like to organize by person as opposed to items because I find it faster to pull my box out quickly grab the item I’m looking for, rather than sorting through everyone’s items to find mine. If everyone is at the front door at the same time you’re not searching in the same boxes, everyone has their own.

When you come home from a day in the snow your accessories need to dry before being put away. I love this tree hanger. It’s easy to pull out and hang on the doorknob when you need it. Once everything has dried simply put the items away in the appropriate bin, put the hanger in the closet and you’re ready for next time. On a side note, putting the dried accessories away is a great task for the kids!

For larger items like snow pants and jackets a bigger bin and hooks will do. Make sure the bin is easy to pull down from a top shelf if that is where it’s stored. When snow pants and jackets are wet, ensure you have a good hook somewhere to hang them – over a vent is great to help them dry faster, but a hook over the closet door works well too. Similar to the tree hanger, you can remove the hook and place it in the closet when it’s not being used. Once the pants are dry fold them up and put them away, same goes for the jacket, hang it in the proper place to ensure a decluttered entryway.

The last item is a boot tray. Do yourself a favor and get two. Having a place to drip dry your boots on a soupy day is great.

Small changes can make a huge impact. In less than two hours of dedicated time and less than $100 in products you can transform your entryway from a cluttered mess to an organizer haven.

Would you like to get additional tips and tricks to organize your spaces? We always offer complimentary phone consultations. Contact us today to get started.

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