Donating for Clutter?

This past week I received an almost unbelievable amount of STUFF from charities. It’s obviously donation “blitz” time for several large charities and for some reason that means sending me loads of stuff I don’t need.

I have two issues with this. My first issue is, I don’t need this stuff. I don’t want to donate more money to a charity because they sent me a tote bag. However, that is just my personal feeling. Maybe I’m in the minority. I have a fabulous idea for charities. Add a box to “opt out” of gifts from them to donate. This has the potential to save the charities a lot of money and reallocate those funds toward the cause I’m donating money to.

The second reason I despise these “gifts” is they are clutter. Who really needs another tote bag, a pen case with pens or birthday cards with stickers. I’m pretty proactive with distributing these items in or out of my life. I put the pen bag together with the notebook and the stickers for my niece who can use to craft. I donated the tote bags and truthfully, I kept the birthday cards, because I never have any on hand – maybe everything isn’t clutter. I think my proactive nature is in the minority. Countless times I’ve been working with a client and we come across charity gifts and the guilt that washes over them about parting with these items can be intense.

I am going to include a note on my donations this year. I’m going to ask that I be opted out of their gift mailers. Maybe each donation should include an option to match my donation. That would encourage me to donate more! They might get my message they might not, but it could be game changer for the charity and your household clutter.