Dream Big…With a Plan!

As the year draws to an end I can’t help but think about 2016 and the goals I’m working to accomplish. Last year I discovered Danielle Laporte and her Desire Map, creating goals with soul. The idea is to work backward, identifying the way you want to feel, core desired feelings, and then creating actionable goals around those feelings.

My core desired feelings for 2016 are:
Love, always love. Everything else is possible when I love and feel loved!
Grace – ease of being, beauty in being
Flow – to go from one place to another steadily and with ease.




2016 is going to be a year of change for me. A year of growth and a year of firsts, so with those truths in mind I’ve aligned my core desired feelings accordingly.

To find out more about discovering your own Core Desired feeling and creating goals with soul you can check out my blog post from last year and for a more in depth explanation and analysis: Daniellelaporte.com 

Goals are only half of the equation. I can create goals all day long, but I have to dig a little deeper to actually accomplish them. At the end of 2015, I read Gretchen Rubin’s book Better than Before, Mastering the Habits of Everyday Life.

This book was chock full of practical tips and tricks to implement meaningful habit changes.

I discovered in my readings that I am a lark, a morning person, an abstainer, I do best when I eliminate temptation than when I try to moderate it and I am an obliger, I need external motivation to stick with my good habits.

Goals that motivate and excite me coupled with a basic understanding of good habits will ensure this is my best year yet.


Through the month of January, I will dive deeper into habits and goal setting. Using resources I’ve found helpful and experience I’ve gained with myself and clients to help you create goals with soul and present practical ways to achieve them.

If you have already spent time planning for 2016 I would love to hear about your strategies and some of the big goals and dreams you have for yourself. Comment below!

My very best to you and yours for a 2016 filled with happiness, good health and lots of love.

Happy organizing!