Dump the Guilt – Less is More – Every Single Time

Have you ever experienced the high of decluttering? I know I’m not the only one to get an instant boost and wave of relief after a big donation pickup. The thrill of empty space!
Pause to think about this a moment. We spend so much of our lives consuming. Buying more to fill needs, wants and desires. We buy for ourselves and others hoping to put smiles on their faces. However, in my experience the feeling of giving, donating and letting go are infinitely more fulfilling than the feeling of receiving.
Once you dump any guilt over how much something cost or who gave it to you, you’re only left with a feeling of liberation as it leaves your home.
As we move out of the season of giving, be honest with yourself, how many gifts did you buy this year that the receiver was thankful for, but had no need for and will most likely never use? How many plastic toys were under the tree this year that will get minimal attention then tossed aside?
Save yourself the shock of the credit card statement and your receivers the guilt of a present they don’t have any use for and can’t get rid of. Instead relish in the feeling of spending less, having less, doing less. Why? Because it feels good!
Does this mean you can’t buy presents for those you love or an outfit for an upcoming event? Absolutely not, I’m simply challenging you to be more mindful of your consuming habits. Ask yourself, do I really need this? Can I live without it? One strategy I love is walking away. Leave the store or close the browser window and let some time pass: an hour, a day, a week, are you still thinking about that thing you left behind? The answer is usually no, but if you’ve allowed yourself the time to consider and the answer is still yes, then you can act on this desire mindfully and with excitement and anticipation.
Less is more, every single time. Need some inspiration to help you start to minimize and downsize your stuff? Here are a few great places to get started:

Bunz – this is a trading site. Do you have a juicer sitting in your garage you don’t need, yes, yes I do. Great, Bunz is a perfect place to trade it for something I will use instead.

Ebay.com – It’s been around forever and still a great place to dump electronics, signed memorabilia, designer clothing and accessories and pretty much


anything else you have.
MaxSold – Do you have a whole basement to get rid of? Don’t know where to start. MaxSold online auctions are your ticket to success. I have a whole blog about this process and why I love it. Click here to read more. 
You can also check out the page on my website that I have dedicated to resell and donation opportunities throughout the city of Toronto if you are local. Click Here to find out more.
Give it a try, join the decluttering revolution and find happiness and peace in your space.