Enjoying the Organizing Process


I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I have a lot of thoughts on this book – and to be fair, i haven’t finished it yet so I will hold back on my review until then. In the mean time, reading the book has caused me to think a lot about the organizing process and how important it is to enjoy it and respect it to complete a successful organizing project.

First, set your expectations and time frame. What kind of organizing project are you going to tackle. A small project like sorting the mail and other paperwork that has accumulated on the kitchen counter? Maybe a closet – has the linen closet become too much to bear? Or maybe you are tackling a larger project like a whole room, the basement? Garage? Whatever you decide set aside enough time to complete the project.


 Now that you have decided the type of project you will tackle you need to gather your supplies. In order to organize you must get rid of things. It is impossible to organize without clearing items to create space.

Bags and boxes are great to gather items for donation, recycling or garbage. Make sure you have markers to label boxes for their appropriate destination. Measuring tapes to ensure new bins or other furniture will fit in newly organized spaces, label maker for new labels or gloves to protect your hands. I wouldn’t recommend buying any storage items until you have completely edited the space and are left with only the items that are staying. You will be surprised at what you can reuse.

Turn off distractions. No TV! A podcast or music could be a good companion, but silence is sometimes the best bet to give you space to think and make decisions distraction free.

Keep the self talk positive! If you tell yourself it is going to be miserable and that you hate organizing – guess what – it’s going to suck! I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking in all areas of life. Not a believer in positive self talk? Don’t just take it from me – click here


Ok, it’s time to dig into that project. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Honor self imposed limits. If you set a time limit, stay within it. If you promised you wouldn’t try to tackle to much – your deceased mother’s memorabilia – don’t. Start small and work up to the hard stuff. Books are always a great place to start. Need a place to donate books? Click here

Keep a little log of your progress. This could be before and after photos, a small journal entry or a little email you write to yourself about everything you accomplished and possibly photos of items you are choosing to pass along, but would like a record of.

Finally, and most import, congratulate yourself. Organizing is not always easy and deserves celebration when completed. Enter the process with a feeling of love, respect and excitement and you will be pleasantly rewarded in the end.

Good luck, you got this!

Happy Organizing!