Find Motivation for Your Next Project


Often many find the hardest part of a project is finding the motivation to begin. When feeling overwhelmed with clutter, it may seem impossible to start. Even organizing one drawer, one day at a time may seem pointless at first. Organization has to start somewhere, and even doing the smallest things can have huge impact. Below are tips to help motivate you to being organizing your home.


Just do something – I often find that if I start with something I immediately feel better. It doesn’t have to be huge,  a small drawer, your purse, your front hall closet are all excellent places to start.

Create a list – Walk through your home with a notepad and write down all the projects you would like to complete, work to break them down into smaller more manageable steps

Reward yourself… often! – It makes it more fun. Make a reservation at your favourite restaurant; buy a nice bottle of wine or maybe a movie night with the kids. Get the kids involved too and they can create their own rewards.

Set a timer – Don’t set an infinite time limit on your organizing session. Start small, 15 – 20 minutes and then from there you can build on the time you spend organizing.

Get other people involved – Have an organizing party with family or friends (maybe you have a friend that loves to organize). Invite them over, turn on some music and make your favourite snacks to create a fun atmosphere.

Set a dinner date – I find that when I have a deadline, I tend to work harder to achieve my goal. Throw a house party or plan a special dinner for your nearest and dearest. You can include them in the celebration or just keep it to yourself and marvel in the work you accomplished!

Organizing doesn’t have to be tiresome; it can be fun and rewarding. All it takes is a little bit of motivation like a deadline to get the ball rolling.

Happy Organizing!

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