Gaining Perspective with Sageisms


 With a name like Sage you can imagine I get a lot of “Sage advice” comments or, “you must be wise”. I’ve decided it’s time to capitalize on my name and came up with a little something I like to call “Sageisms”. My own little personal phrases and mantras to get me through the day.

The one above is my favorite and to be fair it’s incorporated from a quote I saw a long time ago. I can’t tell you how many times I say this to myself. I can be a bit of a perfectionist and when I don’t think I can “do it right” I get  what I like to call starting paralysis – getting stopped in my tracks from the prospect of my work not coming out 100%. So I say to myself, “99% done is better than 100% of nothing” and off I go. It seems small, but it is significant in my day to day life.


This is another favorite – obviously, they’re favorites, I made them up! This is inspired by my husband. They say opposites attract and I believe that is true for Jeff and I. We have a lot of similarities, but when it comes to organization and general tidiness we don’t see eye to eye. I’ve come to realize over the years that it is not because he doesn’t care about my feelings or how I like to live, it is because he doesn’t have that skill or that need to live in an organized environment. The “Sageism”, “We can’t all be good at the same things” helped me shift my perspective and focus on the things my husband is really good at and trust me, the list is so long and impressive.


 I’m not sure I can take credit for this one, but seriously, whatever it is, if you’ve been dreading it, you’re so excited to start or you don’t know how to start, just go, go right now and start!

Happy Organizing!