Get Out the Door Faster

The morning. Not my best time. I am getting better though and I find my best mornings are the mornings I feel prepared and ready for the day. However, I am still not a fan of getting up early so I’m learning to simplify my morning routine. Here are a few tricks I use to get out of the door faster in the morning.

Wash my hair the night before – I save so much time washing my hair at night and spritzing a bit of water in the morning to style if needed

Simplify my makeup – I swipe on a loose powder, blush, mascara and I’m out the door. Squeeze on lipgloss and I’m ready to take on the day. Or I might skip it all together

Pack a healthy breakfast/lunch or snack – this keeps me from the temptations. I like whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a protein yogurt, cereal with milk (Solutions has the BEST togo cereal containers) or a turkey sandwich

A handheld steamer – It can work wonders in a few minutes and have you always looking your best

Pick out your outfit the night before – save time and energy and always look your best

Set an alarm for 10 minutes before you have to go – collect yourself and head to the door

Create a “departure zone” – leave everything in this area that you need when you leave: purse/briefcase, keys, phone, sunglasses, subway tokens, change for parking, letters to mail, money to deposit etc. etc.

The morning doesn’t always have to be a struggle.

Happy Organizing!