Day 8 Home Office Part 1

We are about to start out first two-day organizing project -Your home office or office area. Don’t panic; you can do it.

Zoom in on the space. Don’t think about the 12 years of tax receipts spilling out of shoeboxes or the pile of need-to-file bills shoved in the back of the drawer waiting for you to have some extra time. Concentrate on getting this project done in small, manageable chunks.

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

First, clear everything off your desk; use the large work surface as a staging area. If you need to place everything from the desktop into a plastic bin to clear it off, that’s ok, do it now.

As you empty out each drawer, create piles of similar items on your desktop. Continue until you have emptied every possible place there is for clutter to hide in this room or workspace.

You will have a lot of piles: bills, tax documents, house paperwork, investment stuff, warranties, and insurance policies. A lot. Not to mention, staplers, pens, pencils, 3-hole punches, staple-taker-outer-things and all the other necessities of a well-stocked office.

Don’t worry about organizing this today.

Just get it out in the open. Concentrate on sorting through it.

Anything that doesn’t belong in this room needs to be returned to its home. Clean the drawers and shelves that you will be using again so that everything is ready for your next task tomorrow

Does this all sound a little overwhelming. Are you not quite sure how you feel about emptying EVERYTHING out? We are sorting masters. The bigger the challenge, the more excited we are. Contact us today to help you get this step started

I’ll see you tomorrow for step two – putting everything away!