If you like it then put a sticker on it…

I used to leave a pair of Spin shoes at a gym I frequented. The shelves were a sea of black heels. I took two little round smiley face stickers and popped them on the heel. This small action took less than 30 seconds and saved oodles of search time as I scampered into class with little time to spare.

How many other examples can you think of in your life where a sticker could save time and your nerves? Stickers are also just fun so incorporating more into your life is a good thing.

Other places I use stickers in my life are:

Keys – tiny stickers!

Laptops or iPads

Remotes – ours all look the same from room to room

Milk bag containers – I use 3.25% for the baby and everyone else drinks 2%

Airpods – my husband bought stickers especially for his case and ear buds because we kept getting them confused

I know as my youngest gets a little older stickers will also be a useful reward tool, but for now they are my helpful, fun little organizing tool.

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