Increase Productivity at Work



The morning is so important. You set the tone of the whole day within the first few hours of waking up. The morning is often when people have the most energy, the head space to tackle tough projects and the time to get stuff done. A few months ago I wrote about my morning routine. This is a small collection of tasks that I complete every morning to ensure I start my day on the right note and I’m fueled and full for the day ahead. You can read more about morning routines by Clicking Here.
After I complete that set of tasks I am ready to tackle my day. My days vary greatly, but today I will outline a successful day when I am in my office getting work done. Client days are successful when I work with clients in their home helping them achieve goals and progress on projects long overdue. When I am in my office I am working on my business, helping it grow and strengthen. In order to do that there must be a level of organization and structure to help me stay focused and on task.


Review your List
At the end of every day you create a list for the following day. This list will outline the most important tasks you need to accomplish today. Add other items to the list if you like, but don’t let them hinder your progress on your top priorities. I love Evernote for my digital note taking needs. If you are more of a paper and pen person, I’ll share this video with you. My husband shared it with me and I’m impressed.

Hardest Thing Done First – Enough said. Pick the item on your list you are dreading. Get it done, preferably before lunch.

Skip Email – Here is your reward for getting your hardest task out of the way, you may check your email. Seriously though, try to keep your email alone until you have made a bit of progress in your day. Emails have the tendency to send us off track and derail a day.

Check In – These are important. You want to ensure that you are staying on top of your list, making progress on your most important tasks and organizing your time round the other items that also need to get done today. Be ruthless, if it’s not necessary, don’t do it!

Take Breaks – Your body gets stiff and out of whack from sitting in one spot too long. Get up and move around. Take 10 minutes to stretch, take a short walk or do a few exercises at your desk. Moving around will help you refocus and get ready for another burst of work.

Clean your Desk & Desktop – Everyday deserves a fresh start and you can’t feel fresh surrounded by clutter. I know there are people who, “know where everything is”, but I challenge you to stat the habit of daily cleanup and see how your productivity increases.

Create a List for Tomorrow – It all starts with a list and a plan. Create your list the night before so you get to the office ready to start work with direction and focus.

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Happy Organizing!