Inside a Pantry Makeover


I have been in kitchen bliss this week. I decided it was time to overhaul my kitchen pantry. My kitchen has been on my mind for some time because I hated being it in! We lack storage, counter space, lighting and functionality. I’m working on a complete overhaul, but today we discuss the pantry.

Let’s start with the “before”. The problem with the current pantry is the depth of the shelves. Things hide in the back or disappear forever. So, whatever solution I chose for the new pantry had to include narrower shelves. Now with a deep breath and closed eyes, I share with you my old pantry…


In addition to narrow shelves, I would like to have more shelves.  I like to keep items sorted by use in my pantry: baking, breakfast, pasta and rice, etc. More shelves allow me to sort by type and give me room to grow.

Pantry doors were a must. I prefer the look of a closed cabinet as opposed to open shelving.

Finally, I don’t want to spend a fortune on a solution, preferably, under $200.


With those things in mind, I settled on a Billy bookcase from Ikea, $69.00. I also purchased two glass doors to enclose the shelves, $60.00 for the pair. The glass doors came with an insert that made then black, white or clear. I chose white.
My husband and I whipped the bookcase together in about 25 minutes. The doors were easy until we got to the hinges. In the interest of full disclosure, we had to enlist the help of a neighbor to finish those!

shelf 3



After getting everything assembled I emptied the old pantry. This is the part where things look really bad – a good reminder that it always looks worse before it looks better


I was ruthless! If it was expired, out. If we don’t eat that, off to the food bank. Halloween candy, bye bye; a bag of nuts from who knows when, bye bye. It took an hour and a half, but I was left with only the items that  go into the new pantry. The crucial step of sorting and editing was now complete.


Now the fun part, my favorite part, organizing the space. It’s amazing the difference a good container can make. I don’t like bags in a pantry. If you decide to keep items in a bag they need a bin or basket to contain them. If it’s a large bag, such as rice or pasta, buy containers to put the contents in. It cleans up the look of the pantry and creates more space, bonus!

I went to the Dollar Store and bought white baskets, square enclosed containers and glass jars. For just under $50 I was ready to fill, sort and reorganize.


Look at that gorgeous pantry. I am still making excuses to go into the kitchen, where before, I was making excuses not to. That makes the work well worth it!

My next project is tackling counter space. Is it possible that the space I liked least in my home could become my favorite? Stay tuned!

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Happy Organizing!