It’s All About Getting Started

When you’re facing a large project, such as organizing a closet… or the whole house, the hardest thing to do is start. I work with so many clients that tell me they know what they have to do, but they can’t find it in them to even get the project started.

The easiest way to tackle any project is to break it down into bite sized chunks. If you think about the project in it’s entirety you become bogged down with the size of it and the multiple steps to achieve it and most likely the project never gets done – or even started.

Here are a few tips for getting started:

1. Write down the ultimate goal at the top of a blank sheet of paper. ex. clean out the front hall closet

2. Write down each major step you will have to accomplish in order to achieve the project. ex. pull everything out of the closet, sort through items etc.

3. Stick to the plan. Even if it feels a little juvenile, go through the steps you have taken the time to write out. This will keep you on track and help you stay motivated.

Good luck with all of the projects on your to do list!

Happy organizing!