Staging: (verb) To be ready for presentation.

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The housing market in the GTA has blossomed over the last decade. One major difference between selling a house today vs. 20 years ago is staging. It’s become an import piece of the process. The goal of staging is to showcase your home. To highlight its best features and attributes, giving prospective buyers an opportunity to envision themselves living there. By creating warm, inviting, beautiful and functional spaces we can ensure your home will shine when the time comes to put it on the market. Find out more about our process below.

Be ready…

Bottom-line, you want to make as much money on the sell of your home as you can. Whether you are upgrading to a larger home or downsizing to a condo you want to get top dollar. Staging your home will increase the bottom-line and ensure you are giving your home the best possible chance against comparable homes on the market. Read an article from Josie Stern, one of Toronto’s top agents about preparing a home for sale.
We often find that the furniture you already own is perfect, it just needs to be reconfigured or taken to other areas of the home. Sometimes we find there is too much furniture and we have to temporarily remove items to open up the space. From time to time we do rent specific furniture pieces that makes a significant difference and when that happens we have several options throughout the City to source from. We are resourceful and creative and you might be surprised to find a revived enthusiasm for your own furniture and accessories when you see them in different locations throughout your home. To see photos of homes we have staged