Not Just Tourists : Giving Back

Just last week I discovered an amazing organization, Not Just Tourists. I found them in the midst of a typical scenario, I have a box of unopened medical supplies from a client, the company doesn’t want them back and my client would like to donate them to a worthy cause. Well, THIS is a worthy cause. Not Just Tourists donates unused medical supplies to clinics in underdeveloped countries. They fill suitcases and ask for volunteers to bring it along as an extra piece of luggage as they travel to these countries. Then when they arrive they take the supplies to a very deserving clinic to use.

Side note – they also collect old suitcases!

While poking around on their site I also found a page explaining which airlines will offer free or reduced baggage allowance for humanitarian aide. Some policies are a bit more complicated than others, but there are options.

I love how direct this charity is. You have medical supplies and there are people all over the world who could benefit from them – they have figured out how to get it right into their hands!

Click here for more details about the type of supplies they collect

If you’re traveling soon to a country that might need supplies, think Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Ethiopia, the list goes on and on, click here to find out more about bringing a suitcase of supplies on your trip.

Places like this are making the world a better place with efforts like this and that warms my heart.

Drop off for supplies is at:

Emmanuel Howard Park United Church
214 Wright Ave
(at the corner of Roncesvalles and Wright)

This is the door you should enter then head up the stairs to the main office