How to Organize a Donation Drive

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Here is a truth of life: if feels better to let go of something than it does to acquire something new.

When you get something it’s new, interesting and exciting, for a brief moment in time. Then it becomes old, not so shiny and a little less useless. Jerry Seinfeld once described it this way:

“All things on earth exist in different stages of becoming garbage. Your home is a garbage-processing center, where you buy new things, bring them into your house and slowly crappify them over time…”

Wait, what? Garbage processing center? No way – not me, everything I own is a treasure… Or is it?

This is where perspective comes in. The clothing you have outgrown, the toys your children don’t play with, the sporting equipment you no longer need. These are all useful items that someone could use, just not you. To you, they are clutter.

I was inspired by a small donation of clutter from a client – unused toiletries and baby items – that I created a donation drive to make a larger impact.

With 1 hour of my time, in total, I was able to make a large impact at a local organization, Humewood House, and allowed my neighbors to clear out some of their clutter as a bonus!

How can you arrange a Donation Drive:

  1. Pick an organization you would like to benefit. Need ideas and live in the GTA, you can check out my page with local charities.
  2. Contact local friends and family. I went to Facebook Groups and posted in local interest groups that might have some of the things my charity needed lying around their house
  3. Set up a box at your home or office that your neighbors, friends and family can drop donations into
  4. Take all of your donations to the local charity and feel all the good feels it provides
  5. Thank your local heroes for their help – send a picture an update to the groups and individuals who donated about what you collected so other people feel all the good feels too.

Do you need help sifting through your clutter to sort and distribute useful items to organizations you care about? We would love to help! You can call, 416-844-4830 to get started today with a free consultation.