Organized Packing with Ziplocks


The past few weeks have been Ziploc heavy for me. I went on a road trip and then camping – seriously, back to back. Not sure what I was thinking when it came to planning, but I can say that Ziploc bags helped me organize my packing process of both trips.

I should also preface this blog by saying in Toronto the waste disposal service has started to accept plastic bags into recycling – including Ziploc bags. I am still conscious of my plastic consumption, but happy to know when I use them, they are recycled.

Along the road trip we stayed in a hotel one night. Instead of having to take our entire luggage from the car I used one bag as the “hotel bag” this had all the clothing and toiletries we needed for the night. I didn’t just throw clothing into the bag; I created outfits and packed them into individual bags. I then labeled the bags with the person’s name and type of outfit: pajamas, swimsuit, and next day outfit.


This saved from a jumble of clothing ending up in a pile and me having to sort through them to make sure everyone found the underwear, socks, shirts etc. etc. they needed.

Taking this same principal to camping, I packed all of our clothing in Ziploc bags. This kept them organized, as I mentioned above and dry – a key to camping.

I was also able to reuse the bags for the two trips!

This packing hack would work with any trip. It keeps clothing organized, ready to take out and wear.

Happy Organizing!