Organizing Doesn’t Have to be Spooky


Happy Halloween!

Keeping with the theme of the day I decided to touch on an unspoken barrier to organizing. Most people don’t like organizing. I can’t understand it, but it’s true! You would rather do almost anything, OTHER than organize.

I’ve tried to figure this out as I talk with people and observe their actions. I think one of the largest barriers is the perception that it takes SO MUCH TIME! I don’t have the time is the excuse I hear most often.

I would love to take it on as my personal mission to convince you and everyone else that it takes more time being disorganized than organizing will ever take.

I want to challenge you for the next seven days. For the next seven days set aside 15 minutes to organize small spaces. I have compiled seven examples for you to get started.

1. If you do not have a place to put your keys by the door, hang a hook, get a small table or hang a shelf. This will save on average 10 minutes a day… A DAY!

2. Open a drawer in your kitchen and sort the contents in it. Be ruthless, you do not need six spatulas, ever for anything, pick your favorite three and move on.

3. Open the front hall closet and sort the items in there. Are there summer items in the winter or coats and shoes your children have outgrown? Sort, Edit and Organize the space back to functional and beautiful!

4. Clean out the medicine cabinet. Expired medicine, old toothbrushes, old make-up and toothpaste tubes within an inch of their life. Sort it wipe it down and restock as necessary.

5. Clean the silver. It’s time to start thinking about entertaining this winter. Dinner parties and family get together. The serving pieces and candlesticks will make their way out of the cabinets. Save time and your sanity the day of by shining all the silver ahead of time so it glows at your party!

6. Update the monthly calendar. Take 15 minutes to update the family calendar and post it somewhere everyone can see it and update it as things change. Doing this monthly will save time, energy and headaches. Time spent in planning was never wasted.

7. Open the mail. I know this sounds funny, but take 15 minutes to open the mail and deal with it RIGHT NOW. Don’t set it in a pile. If you need to pay a bill get online and pay it – or schedule a payment for due date so you don’t forget. RSVP for parties, recycle junk mail and if you order magazines, take the time during the month to read them and spend a few minutes on yourself.

Don’t forget the reward at the end of 15 minutes. Here are seven rewards I would recommend:

1. A cup of coffee or tea

2. Watch your favorite tv show

3. A bath

4. Go out for a yummy dinner

5. Go for a walk

6. Get a manicure

7. Call a friend and catch up

The reward is important to motivate you to the next session. Challenge yourself – take the next seven days and see the immediate difference in your life. Let me know how it goes. I believe in your success!

Happy Organizing!

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