Organizing your Online Trail

I have a small… big obsession with Pinterest. I spend a lot of time pinning my latest finds and treasures on Pinterest.

If you have never heard of Pinterest, let me bring you up to speed. It is an website that let’s you create online vision boards. You can keep all of the pictures, articles, websites, recipes or other randomness you find on the web in one place. I am getting married this year so I’ve been able to gather all of my inspiration, images and questionable ideas in one place.

Why is this useful? I was having a hard time keeping my bookmarks organized. I am a visual person so converting from short titles on my bookmark bar into visual cues is huge. I can also sort my findings into individual boards so they are easy to sort and search. I can share my findings with my friends and family. If you choose to keep the board private you can do that as well.

I like to post interesting organizing tools or ideas that I find and you are welcome to check them out @sagegoldenberg – you can login to Pinterest or create a new account here:

Take a few minutes to check it out today – warning it can be addicting!

Enjoy pinning and Happy Organizing!