Outside of the Plastic Box Organizing



As a semi follow-up to last week I decided to share a tip from a woman I met in Solutions this weekend during my complimentary closet-consultation event!

After discussing the troubles of changing your closet for the season she shared her solution with me. In otherwise “dead space” in her bedroom bedroom she has a wardrobe that she purchased from Ikea. It’s not very wide and has double hanging bars inside.

On the floor she places all of her shoes and even bags with things like sunscreen, sunglasses and beach bags. Then hanging all of her clothing she has easy access to her entire wardrobe without it taking over the closet. When she travels she has all of her clothing at her finger-tips and can easily unpack when she gets home.

If you are lucky enough to have storage in your basement or a spare bedroom, also consider these areas for your out of season armoire. If you don’t have the space for an armoire then consider packing your clothing in suitcases. If you plan to take a trip over the winter to a warm weather location, pack up now. When you get home wash and store back in the suitcase until spring.

Thank you again for such a great idea and sharing your organizing success stories. Do you have your own organizing success story? Share it, I’d love to hear!

Happy Organizing!