Overbuy the Right Way

Are you an under buyer or an over buyer? Do you always find yourself running to the corner store for toilet paper and toothpaste or do you stock for an army?
I would consider myself a just right buyer! It takes skill, especially in my house that isn’t over flowing with storage space. However, I am a member of Costco and I keep an eye on sales so that I ensure I get the best price and value for the things I buy.
It has taken me a bit of time to learn what to buy in bulk so I thought I would share my thoughts on what I buy and what I don’t buy in bulk.
Non-perishables are the easiest things to consider for bulk purchases because they don’t expire. One thing, the biggest thing to consider with non-perishables, how much storage space do you have? If these purchases start to creep into your living space then it’s clutter and you have to revisit your strategy – perhaps splitting your purchases with a friend!
I buy these non-perishables in bulk:
Toilet paper
Paper towel
Makeup removal wipes – the savings here is huge, over $30!
Cotton swabs
Cotton pads
Tooth brushes – seemed liked overbuying to me at first, but I love having these on hand
Salt and pepper grinders
When it comes to perishables, space is an important factor, but also consider how fast you can go through these items otherwise it’s a waste of food and money.
I buy these perishables in bulk:
Chicken, beef (I break the larger packs into meal size portions and freeze)
Maple syrup
Frozen Strawberries
Things that don’t work for me to buy in bulk
Chopped garlic
Romaine lettuce
Sliced cheese
Lunch meat
Lunch box size chip bags – these take up so much space!
No junk food – one thing that I do not buy at Costco is junk food. I’ve learned that if I ha e it in the house I gobble it up. Costco recently started to carry my very favorite sweet treat, Manner. The whole bag was $3.49, how could I say no? I bought it and it was gone… GONE… in two days! Lesson learned, keep snacking to a minimum by not stocking snacks, especially from Costco!
Take stock in your home, what items do you use a lot of, what do you eat all the time? Create a strategy to keep these on hand, saving you money and time.