I live in Toronto where space is at a premium and you have to get creative to fit everything in. I’m fortunate to have three bedrooms in my home, but when my youngest son was born […]

Creating a Home Office with Found Space

I hate new year’s resolutions because, let’s be honest, those don’t last, they make us feel bad when we invariably break them, and they usually come from a negative place. I am a huge fan of […]

Supercharge Your Year with 18 for 2018

Do you read? I know that sounds like a silly question, but really, do you read books for leisure? Do you create time in your day to dive into a story? Reading has always been a […]

How to Completely Change Your Reading Habits

The beginning of December signals the start of two months of chaos. The holidays, and I mean the Holidays. My husband and my boys are Jewish, I still love my Christmas tree so we get out […]

Apply self-care to avoid holiday burnout

I’ve lived in Canada almost a decade. That’s a long time. I’ve settled right into life here. I enjoy the slower, friendlier pace of life. There is one thing, and dare I say, a pretty big […]

How to Beat the Winter Blues

  How many times have your personal expectations ruined good experiences, good relationships or good food? I had a profound conversation with a friend of mine a few weeks ago that led me down the path […]

Expectations VS Reality in Organizing

One way to keep yourself organized is to set up a monthly pickup from a local donation pickup partners. Some of these in the Toronto Area include: Diabetes Canada Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy Once you […]

Quick Tip: Set up a Monthly Pickup

  Not even I am immune to the recipe clippings piling up. I love flipping through the LCBO recipes or the latest issue of gourmet, but what I don’t love is the little pile of recipes […]

Quick Tip – Tackling Recipe Clippings

  The past few weeks have been hectic. I feel like I’ve been pulled in more directions than I thought possible and as a result I’ve been shaken from some routines – like my weekly organizing […]

Remembering the Basics

  I had a terrible morning with my son last week. I was in a hurry, he was not dressed, fed or ready 20 minutes before we had to leave and it all fell apart from […]

Creating a Morning Routine with the Kids

  As my kitchen makeover continues, I am tackling another problem my kitchen space had – no room to work! There were two work surfaces, both with exceptionally terrible counter tops. By the time I took […]

Create More Counter Space

I have been in kitchen bliss this week. I decided it was time to overhaul my kitchen pantry. My kitchen has been on my mind for some time because I hated being it in! We lack […]

Inside a Pantry Makeover